February 11, 2018 Travel Tibet 0

Traveling in Tibet is listed as a must-try experience by many people and even a journey to be taken while young and positive Grad Trip season.Tibet is the first choice for many people. Of course, you must do your homework before going, but how much do you know about the necessary items in Tibet? Some may think you can not think!

  • Wet wipes

Many people should not think it is a wet tissue, right? To Tibet want to avoid alpine reaction as much as possible, is to reach the first few days do not take a bath, wet wipes at this time the big pie, and for girls, if the menstrual period is just right, cannot take a bath, wet tissue is an indispensable item , Can be used to wipe clean the body, reduce the feeling of uncomfortable! Recommended choosing non-alcoholic, low irritation wet wipes.

  • Sunscreen products

As in the plateau, so the UV is particularly powerful, sunscreen measures to be done to avoid sunburn. The best is from time to time make-up sunscreen products. Remember the higher degree of sunscreen, or coated with a chance of sunburn. If possible, bring a comfortable hat and block the sun.

  • Emollient products

Tibet weather is very dry, non-painted emollient products, it is easy to “burst”, cheeks, lips will be aching red, it is recommended in Tibet every day, also apply moderate moisturizing products, lip balm.

  • Drugs

The indispensable must be alpine response drugs (sulfa drugs), but pay attention to those who are allergic to this drug, and chronically ill may not be appropriate to take, remember to check before going. There is motion sickness pill, because travel often takes a car, at any time more than 10 hours by car. A short drive apart may also be a little bumpy, even if not normal weekdays people who motion sickness, motion sickness may also be at this time. Gastrointestinal medicine is also best placed in the luggage, because of Sichuan food mainly Sichuan, more oily, gastrointestinal easily discomfort.

  • Cup noodles

As it has just said above, Tibet mainly Sichuan cuisine, local cup noodles are mainly based on greasy and oily, the best is to go before sweeping some cup noodles in Hong Kong, with food for food purposes, to prepare From time to time, if you can not eat spicily or stomach cannot stand, but also cup noodles this choice!

  • Windproof waterproof warm jacket

When you get to Tibet, you will find that even in summer, the temperature in Tibet will not be high or even cold. However, a windproof and waterproof jacket with a warm fleece will be very important, while keeping the wind warm.

  • Warm gloves

As mentioned above, the temperature in some parts of Tibet is even cold and negative. With both hands cold and gradually stiffening, the warm gloves keep both hands warm and dexterous.


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