January 27, 2018 Travel checklist 0

In recent years, many girls like boyfriends and travel together, not only can enhance the feelings, and girlfriends can always accept their most crazy look, you can throw aside the image of eating and drinking. So when girls are traveling or even essential? The following finishing list of essential travel goods for girls, as long as the travel and girlfriends together with the checklist count once, you are not afraid to take it!



1.Skin care products

The natural beauty of girls, even during the travel cannot be relaxed! Especially when traveling in outdoor time more than usual, apply sunscreen, toner and other basic skin care procedures must not be less. Fear of too much skin care products with luggage will be too heavy, can be used to hold the container with a smaller capacity required an amount, the type of skin care products should also be based on the most basic.


2.Physiological supplies

There are always several days of physical discomfort for girls. Even if there is no overlap between physiological period and travel time, the luggage should also be equipped with physiologic materials for emergency use. Many of my friends will travel a little while and the physiological cycle will be slightly disrupted When it should not come. Especially in overseas, not necessarily in your country, like everywhere, surrounded by supermarkets, convenience stores, self-contained physical items will be able to avoid the troubles, but also used the usual brand is more people feel at ease.


3.Travel with bath supplies

The recently fashionable tour, some hotels in order to save costs, will not provide shower gel, shampoo, and other bath products. Even if the hotel provides bath products, it may not be suitable for each girl’s skin, hair condition, one tried unsuitable shampoo, causing the hair to knot all over, and finally the journey is “epic” state! Especially for their own hair a girl, it is best to bring their own toiletries.


4.Sunglasses / Cap

Summer sunshine time is particularly long, the sun is also particularly dazzling, girls can wear sunglasses and caps sunscreen, but also with sunglasses, lazy can also even eye makeup is also saved, after wearing a cap fashion will increase a lot Can be described as a double benefit.


5.skeleton cover

While traveling, many people have the habit of looking at the weather forecast in advance to make arrangements for the trip. However, as the saying goes, “there are unpredictable events in the sky.” For safety’s sake, you should keep a light, Sudden changes in the weather, there are two hands to prepare, afraid of the sun girls can also be used to shield the sun with truncheons.

6.Wet wipes/tissues

Travel is the most disappointing to eat bad stomach, not only physical discomfort but also see more food and then no taste of the mood. So in the travel, wet tissues and paper towels are very important, especially in Tibet. Before eating can be used for cleaning hands and cutlery, reduce the chance of eating bad stomach due to unhygienic. Foreign countries may not be as common as your country, wet wipes and tissues at any time to clean your hands to ensure hygiene.


7.Analgesic cream cloth

Want to start shopping trip girls do not forget to bring analgesic cream cloth, to know the girls at the beginning of shopping, it is easily related to forget the time, often go back to the hotel only to find stroll around your feet sore, this time will be able to Use to rest time, withdrawing lumbar and other analgesic cream cloth, a little relieve foot discomfort.


8.Thin jacket

Summer, great indoor and outdoor temperature difference, do not want to cold and sick, should be equipped with a thin jacket for warm use. Particularly recommended color, design simpler coat, more “wild”, eliminating the need to match the clothing troubles. The multi-pocket jacket is also highly recommended, the pocket can be placed in a variety of small objects, very convenient.


9.Cleansing supplies

Some girls like to show light makeup while traveling, but even the light makeup, cannot save the remover part. Do not think the face is only a touch of cosmetics, water alone can wash it clean. In fact, the face still left a lot of invisible cosmetics, constitute a great burden on the skin.


10.Grooming products

Some girls are not used to hotel grooming supplies, will bring their usual used grooming products, but happens to be the easiest to leak items, especially toothbrushes, face towels, etc., because usually the morning departure the toothbrush, I forgot to put my luggage on my face after washing my face towel, which is very inconvenient.


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