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Can you travel abroad without money? Stop limiting yourself. Worries about things will never be interrupted, but the time is in their own hands, what are the difficulties to have time? Besides, unless the pursuit of the top of the enjoyment, or why travel have money? In fact, as long as such a go abroad, travel less than half natural.

* Who says traveling must spend a lot of money? Let’s see how you can save half your trip.

Avoid artificial rides and walk into nature

For unfamiliar places, any scene is novel, so when traveling abroad, even if only a touch of walking on the road, can have a memorable experience. So why not pursue the magnificent artificial amusement park? Why pursue the landscape garden? The shock given by nature is even more impressive. The beauty of nature does not require expensive fees, of course, into nature.

* In nature, is full of amazing free beauty.

Walk more and ride less

In other words, “your feet are the best tool to record your travels” because your feet can reach any place where you can not get by. The savings in travel expenses will greatly save on travel costs, taking into account the health principles of daily practice, in one fell swoop, why not?

* Feet can often come out of an unexpected journey.

Home cooking instead of food

Although the food is also one of the purposes of travel, excessive meal luxury meals, not only wounding wounds also hurt. In fact, breakfast and dinner to cook their own, keep lunch and enjoy exotic cuisine, without losing a balanced approach. By self-catering, visiting the local market, try exotic fruits and vegetables, but also a very special and on-the-ground travel experience.

Plan a good travel route

Recently, people always like to talk and go, but to save on travel expenses, you can not do that. Poor planning of the route will result in waste of time and money, more physical effort. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the route before self-help travel, and it is also one of the keys to saving travel expenses.

Choose the appropriate travel time

As we all know, air tickets are also one of the major travel expenses, and their prices tend to fluctuate with the peak season of tourism. Cheap airlines can save a lot of travel, but the best time to travel it? In fact, not the case, because the lowest price of air tickets are often in the poor tourist season. Why not at the end of the peak season, less than the peak season fare in exchange for comfortable travel space?

* Choose your travel time carefully so that your mood fills the entire journey.

People who travel frequently from home are always labeled as “very rich.” In fact, they only know how to spend their money more than others. Their travels are definitely not extravagant and may be difficult, but they have more opportunities to explore the world thanks to the savings in travel costs. Therefore, do not wait for “money and leisure,” and try to do this and develop a broader world map.

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