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Speaking of Sri Lanka, what do you think? Sri Lanka is a green pearl floating in the blue Indian Ocean. In recent years, Sri Lanka has gradually recovered from the tsunami and civil war tragedies. It has also opened many tourist attractions. Although it is not the tourist’s first choice for ordinary tourists, it has become a topic that many backpackers want to explore the country. Whether you can only superficial water for a week in Sri Lanka, or take a month trip to the depths, as long as the following five major points, you can put the beauty of this ancient kingdom, a catch.

  • An endless beautiful tea garden

Two of Sri Lanka’s best-known tea gardens are Nuwara Eliya, the birthplace of Ceylon Black Tea, and Lipton’s Seat, a city known to all.

The Nuwara Eliya, located in south-central Sri Lanka, means “City of Light”. It is the most important black tea producing and distributing center in the country with an altitude of 1,889 meters. It is surrounded by three foggy mountains and lush valleys Vertical and horizontal, because of alpine planting cypress and eucalyptus, so that here is the unique aroma of black tea, the parties all the best conditions, Nuwa La Iliya tea plantation can be said to be the perfect uterus of high-quality Ceylon black tea.

Lipton tea plantations in Haputale next to the mountain, a higher elevation than the Nuwara Eliya higher, although fewer tourists too, but to the relaxed and charming town scenery, so many want to visit the Frazer People rush. Visiting before sunrise, but also in the endless tea garden, enjoy the sun rising slowly from the sea of ā€‹ā€‹clouds, coupled with a cup of fragrant black tea and biscuits, are the perfect enjoyment.

  • unique train experience

If you have not made a trip to Sri Lanka, then you’re coming!

Sri Lanka’s two most famous train routes are from the capital, Colombo, to the “sea line” in the seaside city of Gelle, with the seaside orbit closely linked to the illusion that trains travel at sea, In the evening, there are opportunities to see the sunset on the train.


The other “mountain line” is from Ella to Nuwara Eliya, especially when it is about to enter Nuwara Eliya. The train runs along the ridgeline and is lush green tea fields. The fragrance of tea fragrance blowing most stunning.

It is noteworthy that the general train is divided into three compartments, in addition to the first class car, second class car, the third class car did not specify the location, that is, after the train pitted the knife must grab a seat, otherwise Can only stand to the terminal it!

  • Friendly conservation zoo area

Sri Lanka itself has a plains, hills, plateaus, forests, wetlands and another diverse environment, thus creating a rich animal ecology. In the countryside, birds such as parrots, peacocks, and storks can be seen everywhere, flying freely among the fields. There are even elephants, cattle, deer and other fauna on the road that cross the road, but Sri Lankans never solve it Instead, they wait quietly for the animals to pass and choose a way of living in peace with nature.

As many as nine national parks in Sri Lanka, Minneriya National Park, covering a smaller area of ā€‹ā€‹90 square kilometers, is home to a large reservoirs of lakes that show the green grass during the summer season and attract nearby creatures Arrival, including elephants from Matala, Polonnaruwa, and Trincomalee, will also come to the green grassy lake for water and tender grass, sometimes up to 2-300 head, is the most important habitat of elephants.

Another example is the famous “Elephant Orphanage,” which mainly adopts those elephants who are homeless, fall into potholes or traps, escape elephants, especially those who are seriously injured or ill, and train elephant shows In order to raise funds for tourists and maintain the mode of operation of the organization, which has become a must visit for most people in Sri Lanka.

  • Spread thousands of monuments culture

Sri Lanka is an ancient country with a long history. After several thousand years of cultural baptism, Sri Lanka has an indelible history of politics, religion, and economy. It was influenced and colonized by hundreds of years ago by Portugal, the Netherlands and Britain Domination, leaving a lot of historical and cultural heritage, so far a total of eight United Nations world cultural heritage.


Do not miss the Sigiriya Lion Rock dating back to Sri Lanka, the palace ruins of Polonnaruwa, the second largest ancient capital, the grottoes of Dambulla, The holy city of Kandy’s Tooth Relic Temple; visit Gelle if you want to feel the charm of the seaside colonial Old Town.

  • kind and simple natives

Some people say that Sri Lanka is a “smiling country.” In fact, this description is no exaggeration. In Buddhism, Buddhism is relatively simple in Sri Lanka, not only respect for nature, animal protection, the distance between people is also very close, often seen on the road wearing uniform children, shallow smile to them, but in return Passionate smile, people have to fall in love with this place.

However, with the gradual opening up of tourists and the growing number of tourists, such simple may gradually fade away over time, or the old saying goes: “Traveling as early as possible,” especially such tourist places, should be explored as soon as possible. After all, deeply appreciate, savor, so as not to miss its most original beautiful appearance.

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